Michal Staniaszek

Particle Filter Localisation for an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

During the first part of 2011, I worked with PhD students from the University of Birmingham and the University of Southampton to port the control system of the Delphin 2 AUV from Matlab to a more robust ROS-Python system. We participated in the SAUC-E 2011 at La Spezia, Italy, where we tested the robustness of the new system in a competition environment. After the competition, I received a Nuffield Undergraduate Research Bursary to develop a particle filter localisation algorithm for an AUV. I was supervised by Juhan Ernits and Richard Dearden.

The project was implemented in ROS Python. I developed a simulator for a scanning sonar using raytracing, and used the simulator to test the localisation system. Towards the end of the project I gathered data in a tank at the University of Birmingham using a Tritech Micron scanning sonar, which is mounted on Delphin 2, to test the particle filter on real-world data.

You can find the project on GitHub.